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tv   [untitled]    July 1, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> it says items that do not appear on tonight's agenda. the reason i am here tonight is a sent a letter to the chief of police and sent a copy to you. in the letter i specifically pointed out that it is incumbent upon the police department to enforce the california vehicle code, and i cited a particular section pertaining to when you ride a murder cycle, you have to wear a helmet. 24 hours, seven days a week, 365. i gave them to notice. i am watching the t d. people are writing up and down market street in a parade with no motorcycle helmet on. what is up with that? i am watching of us that says equality for all of the muni
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buses. is it selective enforcement of the law? i sent a copy of the letter to you. did you get that? i can show you where i put you down. 505, postal service, what are you going to do? if the point being is you were the police commission and people here from the office of citizen complaints. i realize the police, san francisco police are all right guys. they see people day-walking all the time and are not going after people with the pencil. -- jay-walking. the back of the matter is if you're going to write a quality for all, -- you have to wear a helmet. period.
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end of conversation. as far as i am concerned the cops watching the parade, they are violating their oath of office. they took a sworn oath to uphold the law. when you do not uphold the law evenly and equally, that is discrimination. that is a violation of federal law. since you are the police commission, you are supposed to have oversight of the police department. that is part of why you are sitting up here, right? >> it seems to me you should hold these guys accountable. if i do something wrong, i am held accountable. any questions of me? [laughter] where does this go from here now? president mazzucco: we are not allowed to respond here.
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we are not allowed to respond. >> but are you going to take some action when someone bring something to your attention? or just blow it off? president mazzucco: next speaker for public comment. hearing none, line item #3, adopt captain john garrity, commanding officer at tenderloins station. >> good evening, commissioners. before we start tonight, brenda, one of our police service agents will take care of the electronic portion. i want to recognize a few people tonight and. at the tenderloin station we work together in with the
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community. we do not have a lot of staff because we put a lot of people on the street. i have my assistant and my daughter who help me put this together over the weekend. over the corner i have sergeant brian filpah. lt. mike nevitt. both of the years i found you want to stick around with the top performers. i have brian and mike has patrolman when i was a sergeant many years ago. at the same time, mike torres criminal officer. friend that is brenda is a psa . at the same time, i want to recognize members of the police community advisory board.
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we have a little more ground rules. i came in and thought it was appropriate -- we have a code- share and try to rotate those and term limits so we can get everyone involved in that. we pretty much get along here. sometimes i am there -- i am not always right, and they let me have it and let me know what is wrong, and i do not mind that. you cannot always have yes people around you, because you always fail. this year the chair is mike daniels. he is archer. introduce yourself. john paloe, a restaurant tour of the fine eating establishment.
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but i will say it, john's grill. district 6 is very helpful and the matters we do here. we try to get everyone involved to every extent, because this is an area for a lot of service providers so we try to get everyone involved with what we do here. also, i put this out on the table, this safe passage flyer. we will talk about that later. a big portion of what we've done down here. and that was another team effort with the boys and girls club. then howard business improvement district above the yellow bricks on the sidewalk here. -- and our local business improvement district with the yellow bricks on the sidewalk. we will talk about that later tonight. that is a great program. ok, with that, go ahead.
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this was a mural that was put on the station at 3 01 jones street. i think the chief remembers. the chief was in the one car and i was walking the beat 14 years. we go way back and now we are coming our hair with towels. we're getting in age. the picture on the far left is done by a great local artist. he was 39-years young when he passed away. we have this in the station to keep it simple. we call it slicing the pie. you cannot have one without the other. we talk about that with
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prevention. a little intervention. we had an incident the other day where we used mental health to take care of an individual, and there are a lot of saints, but some senators also. those individuals we have to do enforcement as part of our job. the area is pretty much 20,000 people. there are 10 police districts, but probably the densest. we did a pedestrian study for traffic safety in the area, and the lower corridor we have is probably the second densest area for pedestrian traffic. tenderloin is a very dense neighborhood area with people in housing. seniors, families, especially latino and asian families in this area. many different religions.
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we of they-based group, st. anthony's, use of the mission, san francisco academy school. the new one, the muslim community with the mosque. different reporting areas by plot. i will not go into the statistical numbers. statistics are very important. it is what you perceive. in old san francisco once said in an old san francisco republic newspaper, samuel clemens, mark twain said statistics are lies. remember that in keep in mind the numbers. sometimes there is perception. that is what the numbers are. you can have all of the tackles and the world, but if you do not have a championship, it does not
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matter. then we have car sectors and foot beats in the area. we have the library one. we just added that last year at the library. we upgraded the security based upon the public library monday- friday because there are lots of kids programs. we were pretty much underutilized. it has done very well. it caused a displacement. sometimes those things happen. as i mentioned, the old station was that the hibernia bank at #one jones. new station in 2000. this is at 30180. it has a community room and station on this side. that was the old wagner auto body repair station. the building was built in 1927. and we have reduced crime rate.
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i will not go through every one of them, but i will briefly touch on them. quality of life isn't older term. you have the option now of intervention and prevention with different service providers, the labor courts. again, we have had some great success. couple businesses that were problematic stores and markets were the district attorney took civil action against. rather than go criminal, we went the civil route, which turned out to be a lot better for us and was overall for the neighborhood. i was not without the help of a lot of people in the neighborhood and some of those are sitting in the audience that help this out with that. increased awareness of
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pedestrian safety through safe passage. the streaet mural will have police input. kid powers doing that with training of the monitors with the boys and girls club. the people in this building. we have had some sponsors, kelly more paint. they have donated materials. we had to get permits from the art commission and go through the whole process. that was tedious, but we had great volunteers. we are almost there. pretty much there. about two more blocks to go, and in the finite work. along with that, we've reduced complaints through training, resisting arrest and verbal complaints. most officers do a pretty good job.
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as i mentioned, the big thing down here is perseverance and patience. people down here have alcohol- related issues or mental health issues, so the officers show pretty good patients most of the time, but some of the time it is a context for sometimes unfortunately when you have assisting the rest. sometimes we have to deal with that. continued liaison with corp. of law enforcement, referrals and assistance. that is very important. we had an issue the other day where a service provider had a fire alarm and windows broken a couple of times. the guy was a mental-health tight. he pulled the fire alarm. there was a criminal involved, but the guy had mental health issues. we were talking to him today about that. the work that out, but the
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individual was in a facility where the social worker will work on that. certain thing we have to work with in-flight or st. anthony's. the little things add up, and that is what makes you a champion, doing the little things right. and mentoring for the officers. we have a couple of sergeants. i hate to lose them, but i scrape around and look for people to pick from. when this comes out, and picked over young devon. we got him on the list. i see them move through the ranks. i am at the point now where i am at a quarter of a century plus. we're like the old newspaper, yesterday's news in the sports page. you want to pass that on. this helps change a little bit. robbery abatement. that is the big problem.
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two-thirds of robberies are narcotics-related. the other day pretty good, watching electronic devices. it is about 10.47% so far this year. starting to it is starting to creep up a little bit. we are careful with it. this prescription and illegal drugs and narcotics sales. we were pretty good at bringing down prescription pills in this area. we posted signs. you see them around the neighborhood, regarding the drug-free zone. we are really tough on that. we've met with one of the state officials last year. we tried to get them to tweak that 1980 law, but not yet. they are just still working on that in sacramento. they have bigger fish to fry with the budget now, but we're working on that. that is the problem with the
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pills. there are a lot of people in this area on pain management programs, and we are not trying to get the guy who has got 30 pills in his bottle for the month and is going to try to sell two or three to buy food or cigarettes or alcohol. it is the person that is selling 400 pills or 50 or 60 pills for $4,000. i hate to tell you -- i have been down here a long time. i guarantee you, most of the people we arrest, over 50%, do not live or work in this area. they come in a cause most of the problems for people in the area. it is very difficult for people that are in some kind of rehab to have these people coming from outside the city. we have been very fortunate so far with cjc. i was remiss in introducing one person. the d.a.'s office just started
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the neighborhood community court, which is a new, up and running system. you see people selling things on the sidewalk, and lower level misdemeanor crimes. we are working in conjunction, and we were lucky enough to pull out a really good d.a. he is here tonight. stand up a little bit. she was 88 in brooklyn. in new york. so she is very experienced with this type of crime, so she splits her time between us and the bayview district. we are lucky to have her. we want to elevate that security baseline with uniform visibility around our parks. we have the vote deck apart, which will be realigned. -- the bo decker park, which
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will be realigned. we use those for the national night out the nation. we ask for the commission -- thank you for approving that. that will be on tuesday, august 7 at 3:00. it is a citywide program. it is the last year it will be realigned and reconfigured and clothes, and we will probably be having it there for the last time. also, it is closer to going up for the seniors around the area. gives a little more civic focus on that area. i think it is important. that is tuesday, august 7, 3:00 to about 7:00. it will also be city-wide. we are giving away free stuff. basic alignment of the station
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-- as the chief mentioned earlier, two years ago, we had 91 officers. we are down to 72 now here. every station is feeling that. we have to share -- if there is a detailed going on in the northern district 44 pride or other districts, we have to step up to the plate. on the same time, i am on bended knee all the time for extra plainclothes. we have five in a plainclothes unit you see there. we just lost one sergeant to central. we are lucky to get to be outstanding new sergeants, but i would like to increase that 11:00 watch. when i was there, we had a sergeant and a squad. we have been doing a lot of different things with that lineup. what we are doing is bringing in people early. to the credit of the officers, -- remember, we had early car or the car.
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we would bring officers in at 3:00, 2:00, 7:00 at night, but just that ours, and that is only because they allow us to do it. they are team players. we are doing that this weekend. we do more enforcement operations. we do have special events. i will go into that later. people get to know the people and the officers a little bit better. we are impacted like every other station. we will see how that works out, but we are glad to help out. i might pull my hair out and say a few for as it is about it, but we will help them out.
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we have spanish, armenian, cantonese, sign, tagalog, portuguese, vietnamese, italian, arabic, farsi. i scan those transfer paperwork, read this pretty close, and make phone calls. we were lucky to pick up our arabic and farsi speaker. we made him the liaison with our two mosques. he goes there during prayer services on fridays and reaches out to them. it is kind of a new immigrant group to this community, and they get left out sometimes. at the same time, a lot of kids will visit the station and we have to reach out to the elders to get the kids to come in. there is a low barrier. it is a different group and has worked out very well for us. they are a great group of people. it is a new group to this area.
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they were not here 25 years ago. actually, they invited me to their ramadan feast the last couple of years. it has been a great asset to have officers helping us out. numbers are numbers. we are a small district, so we should have a quicker response time. but we do a lot of overlapping controls. these are 2011 numbers. and then close to 50,000 cuts last year, calls for service. we have a lot of miscellaneous calls in this area. it breaks down, they give us the numbers. some of the numbers, i was adding them up.
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my assistant, who helped with the powerpoint, will i pay quite extensively, my youngest daughter, she said the numbers do not add up, but they are close enough. it is roughly about the same as it was. part one crimes -- we broke it down for you. we had a big reduction last year. everything is kind of in flux on certain crimes. our robbery rate was down last year about 8%, but it is up about 4% this year, and it is probably because of electronic devices. in that with catholic couple of weeks ago -- i met with apple a couple of weeks ago about other problems they were having. otherwise, aggravated assault, we are down a little bit. we are about 2% violent crime increase. we were down last year, but
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overall, part one, we are down. we are actually better than the citywide average, and property crimes have been reduced quite a bit. auto theft is way down, and that is because we use our cadets -- we have these police cadets. rather than tie up officers -- we have about 12 of them. we picked up the ones we wanted and with them at work in our stations. i was kind of disappointed. i wanted a couple of them to come tonight. they could take up some of the presentation and it gives these young people public speaking skills. most of them are under the age of 18, sub it will be nice for them. we had an uptick in a car theft. -- excuse me, in break-ins to cars. we found at a seasonal with hastings. we have our hastings program working out, educate them a little bit. we have a program on security,
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and we are trying to elevate that a little bit. and bicycle thefts, too, from the library. overall, property crimes city- wide were down. a lot of that because we were running some retail-organized crime seth. that is not something -- we are not talking about somebody stealing a candy bar or a shirt from the retail location. we are talking about organized people taking bags lined with foil to steal things and take the sensors off. we are working with macy's, which was why macy's donated to the national night out. property crimes are down because of that. we are booking these guys. that is intent to go into these businesses, and our arrests for burglary you will see is up quite a bit compared to the rest of the city. even though our robberies' are up 4%, our arrests are up 49%,
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so we are johnny on the spot for that. we utilize the violence reduction team in this resources. it is important next day that they have a uniformed presence to come in and have that visibility. that is important. and then last line, shots fired. chief mentioned earlier that overall, shootings are down city-wide, which is great for in the city, but that number is off now, i can tell you. we are down 43% on shooting victims, so we are down really low compared to the rest of the city. however -- i hate to use the word however. however, monday night, 5:30 in the morning, a guy was shot in the hand, in his wrists. six shots were fired. they hit him twice.
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they took his tennis shoes. 5:30 in the morning. no calls. no one saw anything. no video. this was a call out to general hospital. we did a little follow-up on this. his mother said he was home in bed. that was a little different story. he was a young man from across the pond. we still count it as a shooting because he said he was shot at turk and leavenworth, but i think the guy's mom pretty much knows what is going on. he is not really cooperative, but that number is a little skewed now unfortunately. as i mentioned, and arrests. of 49% -- up 49%. remember, you cannot compare apples and oranges with us. we still do apartments. some of the hotels -- most of ours is retail organized-crime
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set -- theft. property crime has petered out a little bit, but we are still a little above city average, about 3%. that is as of last week. the shooting monday -- we are going to count it, but it needs to be investigated a little bit more. we have 554 referrals to the community justice center. 554 citations. last year, we were out about 1000 for the year. a lot of it was staffing. trying to defer some of the really lower ones where a person might be a first-time offender or the infractions, some of the ones that do not meet the criteria.
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something we are trying to do is to streamline things like property on the sidewalks where we can do a short form so she can bundle some of these. people get upset when that stuff is stolen. another one is a person has a medical marijuana card, that is fine, but we are not going to stand by and let people smoke marijuana in a business or where children are. that is not acceptable. if they have a medical reason, i can see that, but just to do it for recreational purposes, that is not acceptable. they meet the first tuesday of each month at 10:00, correct? each month at 10:00, correct? the community justice center has the community justice center has